Sunday, November 04, 2012

October and Apologies

Apologies. I needed a break because the things go wrong. Please forgive me if I haven’t yet commented your latest posts and for my temporary absence. Shannon I haven’t yet blogged the Liebster Award: I promise I will do it very soon, I beg your pardon.

October 2012. Bad news. I began a swimming program but after the second workout I had to stop it for the strong pain on my lower back all around the fractured vertebra. I needed 2 periods of shots to heal the pain and the deep  inflammation. I did an MRI and the orthopaedic said that I need a surgery to fix my vertebra (plastic or an absorber) but before I have to do one month of phisiotherapy and rehabilitation. Also walking is painful. Only rest and cures now. Running? The doctor, a runner, thinks that I will only be able to run slowly and for short time not before next spring; no more races and no more than 10 km (if I am lucky). The last hope is swimming.
October 1999. Here is the photo of the last edition of the Urbs Mundi Half Marathon in Rome.

Rome. Yesterday I went to Rome. 2 photos of the Eternal City: the first is Argentina Square, the place where Julius Caesar was killed in 44 b.c. and the second the Vittoriano monument (king Vittorio Emanuele II° memorial). Argentina Square now is also known because of the Cat Shelter.

Have a very good running November