Sunday, February 24, 2013


Swimming again. After 8 days of total rest to heal the sciatic nerve pain, I am back to swim pain free (for now): 1800 meters (72 lengths) monday, 1900 meters (76 lengths) thursday and 2000 meters (80 lengths) today. Tomorrow I will try to run 30/40 minutes to test the health of my pyriform muscle. However I will have another week off because on tuesday I must remove 2 ugly moles: this is an important surgery for me because I am a cancer survivor.

Rugby. Yesterday, under a rainstorm, I went to see the rugby match Italy - Wales. The Dragons gave us another tough and important lesson: 6 - 23. Bad times for the Italrugby. This is a scrum in the first half of the game:


These are 2 photos of the B.K. before the match:

Question: which is your favorite sport (running apart)?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Break

Rugby. One week after the fantastic victory against France in the 6 Nations, Italy was badly defeated 10-34 at Edinburgh by a brave Scotland. Our team must learn to be more practical and less conceited. Next match Italy-Wales at Rome on Feb. 23rd and I will be there with my son.

Injured again. This is a never ending story. I am totally off since last saturday when I felt a terrible pain during an 8 km. run. Now I have a painful sciatica due to the inflammation of the pyriform muscle. The first cure is 10 days off and after only swim. Running? Who knows. Bad situation!

Crazy Photo. What do you think of this situation? I took this photo while walking in Rome.


Monday, February 04, 2013

6 Nations

6 Nations Tournament. Yesterday in the first match of the tournament Italy won against France 23 - 18 and the Black Knight was at the stadium with his son. Long celebrations during and after the match. Yes, rugby "is another thing". Remembering when I was a wing in my home-city team.

Running/Swimming. After 6 months of total break, in January I came back to swim and run. Swimming is easier even if I cannot put all the strength when I push with the legs. Running is harder because the back hurts. Impossible to run as before forever but a normal jogging is always possible. I began with 4 km (2.5 ml) in 32'00" and now I can run 8 km (5 ml) in 52'00". Very far from my standard but I am on the road again.

January 2013. Running 57.3 km (35.6 m) in 10 workouts; swimming 22.900 meters (14.2 m) in 13 workouts.
January 2012. Here is the photo of the 3 Comuni, a tough race 22.3 km long (13.9 m).

I beg your pardon for my long silence but I was not in the right spirit to post and to comment. The injury is "important" and was very painful.
Have a good week my friends!!!