Friday, March 29, 2013


Spring. At last it’s spring and the weather is good to run. Here you can see the lemon tree in my garden: 

This is also the period for the best races but unfortunately I cannot wear anymore a (competitive) bib. I am thinking about some no-competitive running race and, in July, a 2500 meters swimming (open sea) in Piombino (this is a photo of the city that i took last year after a work meeting):

Training is going well considering my permanent injury. I keep on following the program swimming-running-swimming-rest. At the moment swimming is 2000 meters and running a little bit more than 7 km. My idea is to improve 1-2 km every month with the maximum target of 14 km; about the pace I am not in hurry because I have learned to be patient.

Other pics of Dublin (see my last post):


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Dublin. I spent 3 days in Dublin, from 13 to 15 of march, for an ESPO meeting. I couldn’t stay there for St. Patrick Day because I had the tickets for the rugby match Italy-Ireland in Rome. Fortunately I had the time to visit again the beautiful city. The first time I went to Ireland was in February 2008 to follow the Italian rugby team. The photos below: the O2 concerts room; Christ Church; St. Audoens Church and St. Patrick Cathedral:

Rugby. Saturday was the last day of the 6 Nations Championship and I went to the Olympic Stadium with a friend of mine ( we were in the same class at school and we ran together for many years). It was a great match and for the first time we defeated Ireland. The final score was 22 – 15. The photos: the B.K.; the B.K. and his friend Piero before the match; an Irish supporters (is he a real leprechaun?); 2 italian supporters, the match.

Training. The things don’t go wrong and this is a great news! Now I am following the scheduled program based on periods of 8 days: swimming – running – swimming – rest – running – swimming – running – rest. The usual workouts: swimming 2000 meters (80 lengths in 50 minutes alternating backstroke and crawl) and running 7/8 km at the pace of 6’15”/km (10’03”/m). The improvements in running must be slow because I cannot injury myself again. In the future no more long distance runs, speedworks and competitive races but only relaxing runs for fun.