Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The Fall. Yesterday morning I went out for a workout, an easy run near the sea but, after 8 km, I tripped up on the broken sidewalk and I felt knocking the knee and the shoulder on the ground. The pain was heavy, I sat for some minutes on a bench and as possible I came back home walking slowly.  On the evening the physiotherapist put some bands on the injured parts and this morning I feel better but I don’t know when I will be able to run or swim again. I am sure that I don’t have the luck on my side.

April 2013 – Stats. Running 92.8 km (57.6 m) in 11 workouts; Swimming 19.9 km in 10 workouts. Running is very slow again but swimming is going well. This is the training log since my last post:

April 1991. I ran the Rome marathon in 3:34:09 (PB). I was 124 of 195 overall. Yes, only 195 runners! This year 10.665 runners have run the same marathon. The times have changed!

Run, swim, bike strong, my friends!

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Gift from USA

THE GIFT. Last Wednesday I received a wonderful gift from my good friend Jenny: her last novel. She is a writer, an university teacher and a triathlete. Thank you very much Jenny!
TRAINING. I don’t succeed in following my scheduled plan – 3 workouts in a row (swim-run-swim) and one day off – because of my hectic life and some little pains which sometimes come to remember me that I am a person with a permanent injury. Swimming is not a problem but I must be careful with running even if I am becoming slowly a little faster. Below the workouts since my last post:

QUESTION: Do you have a scheduled plan? If so, do you succeed in following it?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Vivicittà 3 km

Prologue: as I promised myself I am racing again but only in no competitive or in popular very crowded races. Only in these situations I can take it easy with no risk of worst injures. Obviously with my low mileage (57.3 km january, 30.7 km february, 63.7 km march) and my slow pace I cannot demand to be a runner.

The report. Last sunday I entered with Sir Giorgio the no competitive, mainly hilly, Vivicittà (Live the City) 3 km.  At the same time there was the competitive 12 km, a race that I put on my black list because of the crazy path.  Giorgio was so kind to decide to run all the distance with me; for him it was easy, for me tough. Finishing time 14:53 (4:58/km – 8:00 m).  As you can see in the first pic he has a big smile (right) while I am very tired (left). In the second the 2 Black Knights salute their supporters and fans. The Black Knight Army is popular again!

Training. Below my workouts since the last post. Corsa = Running and Nuoto = Swimming.

Have a good week end