Thursday, August 29, 2013


After a beautiful week spent in Tuscany we got home. Here are some photos of the trip.
Castagneto Carducci:

Lido di Camaiore (this is the park of the hotel where I could swim in the pool):

 Marina di Pietrasanta:

Viareggio, where we were so lucky to find the summer carnival:


Forte dei Marmi:

Torre del Lago Puccini:


Orbetello: the town where the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio fought many running battles (now it is legend).

Question for Johann and Ewen: in some photos I wear 3 different "official" rugby jerseys. Can you see them?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Trip

In early august I spent with my wife some days travelling. We reached Barcellona (Spain) by a ro-ro ferry and after I drove through Spain, France and Andorra. Here are 3 photos of Barcellona (Plaza Catalunya, Rambla and Plaza Espana):

After we went to Toulouse (France). In the first and the last photo you can see my wife Daniela (Galeries Lafayette, Capitolium, Space City and St. Etienne):

Around Toulouse we visited Flaran Abbey:

The town of Foix and the castle:

The wonderful medieval town of Carcassonne (2nd photo the B.K. and 3rd photo Daniela):

The caves of Bedehilac:

and Auch, the city where D'Artagnan, one of the 4 musketeers, was born:

The last city before coming back home was Andorra La Vella:

And now we are ready to leave again for Tuscany!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Apologies. I know, I am late to post something about July and to comment, but the life is hectic and I spent good time travelling with my wife through France, Spain and Andorra. The pics in the next post.

July 2006. The Black Knight Army wore for the first time the international black armour. The great event was celebrated with an official dinner (see the new t-shirts on the table). The day after, a platoon of the glorious Army marched proudly through the city. Here you can also see the war council before the raid and the first moments after the ordeal.

July 2013. Stats: because of the injury only 38.8 km running and 12.5 km swimming. As the latin said “mala tempora currunt” (bad times run). The sciatic nerve doesn’t heal completely and I am sure that I will never run as I did before. I must decide to change my behavior and my goals: only short and slow runs for fun and for the health. No more specific trainings and only popular races with thousands of runners where the finishing time is not important. At the moment I regularly swim and I run twice a week but only for 7 km at the pace of 6:30/km not to feel pain.

Have a good august holiday