Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Final Plan

The many injures (3 fractures in 6 years for stupid incidents + the inflammation of the sciatic nerve) and the age, made me realize that the competitive runs are definitely part of my past. Now running must be a way for me to stay, if possible, fit and healthy; a good complement for swimming and not the contrary. This means no more speedworks and long distance runs. Yes, I will enter some race but with the only goal to finish and enjoy the event.
The next scheduled plan includes 5 weekly workouts: 3 swimming (between 1600-2000 meters) and 2 running (9/10 km at 06:00-06:10/km – 09:39-09:45/m). If I can run pain free, now the problem is the sciatic nerve, I will alternate the workouts every other week.
These are my “jobs” since the 1st of September:

And now 2 photos: the 1st a very welcome guest that I met at the restaurant; the 2nd the sunset in my city 2 days ago:

Saturday, September 07, 2013


August 2013. At last I can write something about running. August was the month of the trips in Europe and in Tuscany: a good excuse for not working out and recovering the many injures. However I ran 56.5 km in 8 slow workouts, yes very low mileage but painless and swam 9.5 km mainly in open sea. Here you can see the B.K. swimming in the pool of the hotel in Lido di Camaiore (Tuscany). Sorry for the feet in the photos. 

August 2006. Not to interrupt the preparation for the Florence Marathon (my 3rd and last marathon forever), I also run on the deck of the ship during the cruise. Indeed it was a nice experience.

Have a good Sunday