Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year + December


December 2013. This was a good month for running with no injures and only one short trip abroad: 13 workouts and, at last, 1 race for a total of 134.3 km (83.4 m) at the average pace of 6:01/km (8:04/m). As I promised myself I took it easy, going slow and with no long distance runs, in fact the max single mileage was 12 km (7.45 m). Also the races are now only a way to make a different workout. Swimming: only 7 times for a total of 11800 meters because the swimming pool, during the holidays, has an opening time not compatible with my work schedule. This is a picture of the Black Knight/St. Claus at the start of the last race on Dec. 15th:
December 1986. Yes, 27 years ago! It looks like another era: see the cars, the buildings and the running clothes. On the right at that time the railway and now an open market with a big parking; the old houses now are modern buildings with shops. It was a tremendous hilly 14.4 km (9 m) race and I lost more than 3 minutes because I had to wait for the passage of the train: other times, different organization! Finishing time (I didn’t stop the clock during the passage) 1:06:47 at the pace of 4:38/km (7:27 m), 63 of 86 overall.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Christmas

The Black Knight is in the history. In September 2011, to celebrate the promotion in the 2nd division, the local rugby team invited all the players since 1950. 2 years later, last wednesday, the President organized again a reunion in the Club House where we have the “hall of fame” with the historic photos. What a surprise, there is the Black Knight with the team of 40 years ago!!!! And always as friends how long time ago.
The sad moment came when we called the old friends who now play in heaven. As you can see the Black Knight is in the history forever!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Liberty Run Christmas

The Race. Sunday I have run the Liberty Run Christmas, a challenging 10.3 km race, with many uphill as you can see on the elevation chart. As I promised myself I took it easy making a simple workout: my competitive spirit suffered but I finished the race without being tired and, more important, with no injures! It was the slowest race of my life, but I am happy.
Stats. 10.3 km in 55:33 (5:24/km – 8:41/m) – 101 of 117 and 4 of 5 in my age group.
No complaints, I am on the road again. The Black Knight is back! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Brussels again

Thank you very much for the kind comments about the loss of my beloved cat.
Yesterday at midnight I got home after another business trip to Brussels; there I could not run because the agenda was very full; it was the first meeting of a technical group inside the European Sustainable Shipping Forum. Since monday I have made 3 workouts: 2 swimming (1800 and 1600 meters today) and 1 running 10 km. Tomorrow I hope to race a challenging 10.2 km with many uphill. The goal? To finish!
Here you can see something about the Christmas atmosphere in Brussels: