Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Race for the Cure and another fracture

Race for the Cure. Last Sunday the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio ran the “Race for the Cure”, 5 km. to help the breast cancer research. The challenging undulate route runs through the heart of the ancient Rome: Circus Maximus, Caracalla Thermal Baths, the Colosseum, the Altar of the Fatherland, the Imperial Forum and the Mouth of Truth: a breathtaking scenery, included the place where we parked the car (the Aurelian Walls)! At the start more than 50.000 people but only 1890 in the competitive race; when we arrived at the finishing line many persons had to start again. However the organization was perfect in every detail. We bought the bibs of the no-competitive race (same fee) because to pick up the competitive ones was very complicated and bureaucratic. It meant starting behind the last pack but the mighty Black Knight Army, threating and scaring the security, entered triumphantly in the competitive corral between the standing ovations of the public and the cheers of the others submitted runners: it is too dangerous to stop the glorious Army!
Stats: 5 km in 25:10 (5:02/km – 8:06/m) my PW. The first 5 km few months after the operation in 2008 doesn’t count. I am happy anyway because to do better with all these injures is impossible. I failed the goal of 25:00 for the crowded start, in fact I finished my first km in 5:14. If I had entered the competitive race I’d have arrived 982° of 1890 overall. Pics: n° 1 Elevation Chart; n° 2 Aurelian Walls; n° 3 and 4 the Black Knight (obviously in black) on the battlefield.

Fracture. Bad news from the MRI. I have a compound fracture of the scapula, muscle and tendon injury and a large edema. Forbidden to swim. This is the sidewalk where I felt at the end of april:

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Running. No swimming at the moment because the injured shoulder hurts again. Tomorrow I will get a MRI to understand if it is only a contusion. On Sunday a platoon of the Black Knight Army (the B.K., his son and Sir Giorgio) will run the Race for the Cure: 5 km in the heart of the ancient Rome. The goal is a finishing time of 25:00 far from my PB of 19:38 (june 1992 – 21 years ago).

The Conference. On 08-09-10 of this month I was terribly busy for a Med Project Event (steering committee, stakeholder meeting and international conference) dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness of port-hinterland systems of the Med Area by addressing three strategic sectors: freight, passenger and touristic traffics. Despite the long time spent in the Conference Rooms I did my workouts. The B.K. is the first on the left.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Father and Son

Injury update. The things go wrong, since the day of the fall I feel pain inside my shoulder, day after day always stronger. The movements are difficult and the doctor just now has said that I need an MRI. Swimming is impossible and I am very upset because I had planned some races in open sea in the near future.
Father and Son. Luckily I can run but, not to overstress my back (a “nice” memory of the L3 vertebra fracture), I do my workouts every other day. The running mate is my son Paolo 34 y.o. and in this period we use to run through the country or near the sea. The pace improves but I cannot push over my limits: too many recent and severe injures. Here are 2 photos of our last workout near a pinewood.

This is the log-book since my last post. What do you log? Which information?