Sunday, June 02, 2013


May 2013. Stats: Running 144.3 km (89.6 m) in 14 workouts and 1 race. No swimming because of the shoulder fracture. At the moment I cannot run for a little pain into the left knee. I think that I will have another week off before coming back to swim and run. The Black Knight is getting elder! Here are 3 photos taken in may: on the right sunset on the local Marina:

On the left the promenade that is part of our usual workouts through the city.

On the right the bay. Usually it is the path for our long distance runs because we can enjoy both the sea and the country. The scenery is wonderful especially during the sunset.

May 1989: I ran the Maremma Half Marathon in Grosseto (Tuscany). Finishing time 1:35:32 and I was 99 of 175. Few but fast runners: the others!!!
The B.K. is the first on the left.