Thursday, October 31, 2013


October 2013. After a long period of recovery and very prudent runs at last I can run pain-free. Now the workouts are not less than 10 km and the pace is faster and easier. Very soon I will enter some short races on flat paths not to risk. Stats: Running 111.4 km (62.9 m in 12 workouts) - Swimming 10.200 meters (6 workouts). This month I skipped many days because of all the travels abroad. Here are 2 photos taken in october: with my daughter and during the gala dinner in Antwerp (Belgium).

October 1999. This was the last Urbs Mundi half marathon in Rome. It was a very scenic race all inside the most beautiful parts of the capital. I miss this event but it is impossible now to block the traffic of the center except for the Rome Marathon.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Zaragoza. This week I have spent 3 days in Zaragoza (Spain) for an european project: long trip (2 hours flight + 90 minutes train) and full immersion meetings. However I have found the (short) time to visit the city and for a run along the Ebro river in the darkness of the early morning. The first photo is Plaza de Espana in Barcellona where we had lunch before catching the train. The others are in Zaragoza. 

Workouts. It is difficult to follow a scheduled program because of all these business trips in Europe. In fact I am almost to leave again for other destinations. However I succeed in running everywhere, more difficult is to find a swimming pool. But I don't complain, now the things go better: the workouts are about 10 km long with the finishing time a little bit under the 60 minutes.

Have a good week end.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Apologies. I apologize because I am behind with commenting and posting. The life is hectic and in this period I am very busy at work with many commitments abroad where I am member of some committees and work-groups to discuss about environmental topics.

Bloggers meeting. Last week I went to Antwerp (Belgium) for a meeting and a conference. I had the possibility to meet other runners (no-bloggers) and to run throughout the city center and near the Scheldt river. However the main event was the meeting with our blogger friend Amy at the Brussels airport before my flight back to Rome. She is as I imagined she were: a nice, kind and intelligent person. It was a real pleasure to meet Amy and I hope that one day she and her family will come to Italy. You can see our photo at the airport on her blog.

Workouts. The things go better, now I follow a program with 5 weekly workouts: alternating swimming and running. In the pool 1700 meters and running about 10 km at the pace of a little less than 6:00/km (9:39 m). Since I wear the compression socks I don't have anymore problems on my sciatic nerve. 

Question: Have you ever met other blogger friends?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


September 2013. I cannot complain, in september I made a total of 20 workouts: 10 swimming (16.700 meters) and 10 running (91 km. - 56.5 m). This month I cannot follow a scheduled program because I have to spend, for work, 8 days in Belgium and Spain where I hope to have the time for some "touristic" runs through the cities.

September 1990. Pioneer times for runners in Italy. On september 9th, 1990, while I served at the Naval Base of La Maddalena (Coast Guard), I ran a 7.2 km race with the finishing time of 30:50 (4:17/km - 6:53 m): well, I was 8° of 14 overall. Yes, only 14 participants!!! Below: the start, the last meters and ... after the race!

Have a good running/biking/swimming week!