Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Liberty Run Christmas

Liberty Run Christmas: Last sunday I ran a 10.3 km. race through the industrial part of my city. The path was very challenging with many uphill. See the scary elevation chart:

Of course I raced only for fun because all the injures don't allow me anymore to be competitive and to follow a scheduled plan. It was a slow run to enjoy the atmosphere and the company. I started in the middle of the last pack and there I stayed. The swag was a bling and a technical singlet.
Stats: finishing time 56:26 (5.29/km - 8.49/m), 115° of 128 overall and 13° of 14 age group.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

November recap, rugby memories and one day in Rome

November 2014. The things go better, I have run 11 times and now I succeed in finishing 10 km in 60/61 minutes (my PB on the distance is 39:30 in 1990 when I was 34 y.o.). The longest workout was 11.5 km (7.14 m). I also swam 10 times and I keep on following the corse of postural exercises (back school - twice a week). Stats: running 109.4 km (68 m - 10 workouts), swimming 13.500 meters (10) and walking 9,9 km (2).

November 2009. After the 2 surgeries for the broken femur, I made a 10 km test during an official half marathon. The finishing time, without pushing, was 51:20 (the B.K. is the 547).

Rugby memories. In november other 2 friends of the "old guard" passed away. This is a 1974 photo (against a french team, the B.K. is under the arrow. Nowadays that place is full of buildings, shops, an open market and the ground is in grass) and now 5 of these 15 players are playing rugby in heaven. Ciao Mario, ciao Francesco.

Roma. I spent a wonderful sunday in Rome with my wife. Here you can see Via Condotti, the main shopping street where the most important brands are, and Spanish Steps.

Are you ready for Christmas time?

Saturday, November 01, 2014

October recap, a dog and a bird

October 2014. Coming back to life! I have run 10 times and the last workout was 8.6 km long (5.34 m) in 52:38.  I also swam 3 times but for no more than 800 metres because the back hurts again. Moreover I am following a course of postural exercises (twice a week) and I am doing physiotherapy (once a week). Stats: running 63,5 km (10 workouts) – swimming 2200 metres (3) and walking 59,5 km (11).
October 1999. I ran the Urbs Mundi half marathon in Rome in 1:48:27 and, at that time, it was my personal worst. 1689 of 2523 overall.

The dogThis week I went to Olbia (Sardinia) for a conference and at the end, in the parking near the building, some foreigners told me that they must leave their dog. Well, I bought the dog for 20 euros and I gave her to a dog shelter in the same city. Very nice people who take care of thousands of animals. Here is the photo of the B.K. before the conference.

The bird. The week before I found a wonderful throstle on a dock. He was very tired after a long migratory flight. He was so kind to come with me and to spend some hours in my office to drink a little of water and to have a light lunch. Later a voluntary of an association for the protection of the birds came and, after some medical check, gave him the freedom. Here is the throstle in my office.

Have a good sunday 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


At last the things go a little bit better. I hope to come back to the pool the next week. In the meantime I keep on walking and running (now about 7 km at slow pace). Of course physiotherapy and postural exercises are always part of my routine for some months again.
On tuesday and wednesday I went to Barcellona for a meeting on the environment in the european ports. Here are some photos of the beautiful city:

Have a good Sunday

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marseille (France)

Injury update. Last week I began a course of postural exercises (back school) to help my back to recover and, in the meantime, I keep on curing the shoulder by the physiotherapy. The movement of the right arm is not yet complete.

Training. The routine is always the same: 5 days walking (about 5 km) and 2 days running (??). The runs are 6/7 km long and very very slow. I hope to come back to swim at the end of this month if the things go well.

Marseille (France). I spent 3 days for work in Marseille where I had the possibility to run twice along the flat and beautiful promenade (about 30 minutes). Here some photos:

And as Jill says: run strong my friends!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Apologizes and 2 trips

Apologizes. I apologize for my long absence from Blogland, but I was not in the right spirit to talk about my lost dream: running. 

Injury update. The road is very long, I need months before the full recover, if I work on the shoulder the back hurts and vice versa. In September, at last, I began a walking routine: one hour every day and, later, I tried to run: short and slow runs 5/6 km long. It is hard and painful. Swimming is not allowed until the day I will have rebuilt the muscles on my back. Now I am in the bed with a boring bronchitis.

The trips. However I had the time to enjoy two trips, the first with my wife in Italy and the second with my son to Belgium. Here are some photos.

Rimini (Italy): the B.K. in the pool of the hotel 

Urbino (Italy)

S.Marino Republic

Riccione (Italy): the Municipality organized a special event when they knew that the B.K. was coming

Faenza (Italy)

Brisighella (Italy)

The amazing Civita di Bagnoregio (Italy)

Brussels (Belgium) 

A special box in Brussels (Belgium)

Leuven (Belgium). What a pity for a mistake of mine we didn't succeed in meeting Amy and her family

Bruges (Belgium)

Have a good running, biking swimming week

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Cruise part II

On board:

Taking pictures in Lerici:

 After the conquest of the castle in Lerici:



The Templar Church in Palma de Maiorca:

Walking through the Abbey in Palma de Maiorca:

Barcellona - Plaza de Espana (see the t-shirt of the Italian rugby team):


Injury Update. The shoulder hurts and the cures continue. No good news again.


Monday, August 11, 2014

The Cruise

The Cruise. The Black Knight spent one week on a cruise ship with wife, daughter and her husband. The ports of call were Civitavecchia, Leghorn, Cannes, Palma de Majorca, Barcellona and Naples. Here are some photos.
The Black Knight is legend!!!!
The ship in Cannes:
Palma de Majorca:

Injury Update. No news, the cure goes on. Total rest.

Have you ever sailed on a cruise ship?