Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Corsa del Ricordo km 5

The Race. Last Sunday, Giorgio and I (both in the 2nd photo), have run the Corsa del Ricordo a 5 km in memory of the italian victims of the sinkholes after the WWII. It was a very challenging race (see the elevation chart) totally run under a rain storm through a flooded neighborhood with narrow streets full of turns.
I have entered the race despite I only made one workout in the previous 10 days because of the pain in the knee. I keep on following my decision: the races must be a reason of fun to enjoy the atmosphere; no more competitive events for me, the pace doesn’t count anymore. Always for this reason I didn’t plan to rest the day before, in fact I swam 1800 meters Friday and 1800 meters Saturday: fitness is more important than the performance (now, but not in the past). Moreover I have lost some seconds because the finishing line was not at the finish but … at the start for a mistake of the organization!
Stats: finishing time 25:55 (5:11 km – 8:20 m), 81° of 120 overall and 8° of 10 age group.
Before coming back home we had the usual lunch in a typical restaurant on the hills to celebrate the last battle and the conquered loot.

Sunday, February 02, 2014


January 2014. Not a good month because the pain and one whole week off for the fall during a run. The numbers. Running 92.2 km (57.3 m) in 9 workouts and 1 race (see the photo with Sir Giorgio before the start); swimming 8600 meters in 5 workouts.

January 2006. This is the photo of a challenging race 22.6 km (14.1 m) long. The finishing time was 1:53:21 and I was 795 of 1417. The race was so tough that I and Sir Giorgio (on the right in the photo) got both an injury inside our knees. As you can see at that time we used to run again with clothes in cotton. 

Have you had a good January?