Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bad News

Bad News. If you remember at the end of february, during a workout, I broke my bone collar. I began to run early but, after a wrong movement at home, I felt pain and I didn't succeed in running the Race for the Cure. After the start I had to stop myself. What happened? By a MRI I discovered to have the D7 vertebra fractured too. I am very upset and sad. This is really a year of sh......, a year to forget!!!!
Dire Straits Legend. In the meantime I went to the Dire Straits Legend's concert. 2 and half hours of pure music, a legend! The front man is John Illsley, former Dire Straits bass guitarist (photo Angelo Bonarelli, my concerts mate).

Dog ShelterMy daughter Elisa, loves the animals (indeed I was a very good teacher on this matter) and every month she collects money to feed the dogs of a local shelter.

ViterboLast sunday I went to Viterbo to visit with other friends some Templar places. It was a nice  and interesting day that found the best conclusion in a typical restaurant in the country where we met this "well refined gentleman":