Friday, July 25, 2014

St. Urbano Abbey

S.Urbano Abbey. Last week I made a short trip to Marche region with my son and, by chance, we found on our way, hidden in a stunning green country, a medieval abbey: St. Urbano. We could not believe how beautiful it was: architecture, silence, magic atmosphere and gregorian chants in the air. But the light games were the unexpected and best show. We had the opportunity to enjoy the sunlight entering through a hole in the ceiling and from narrow windows to hit, with a sunbeam, special parts of the church. See the pics below:

Injury update. The cure continues. Other 2 weeks of physiotherapy to try to recover the total use of the shoulder avoiding the surgery and to rebuild the muscles of my back. At the moment I walk slowly one hour each morning. The run, the races, swimming are only far memories and (for now) impossible dreams. I don't know if the dreams really come true.

Are you enjoying your summer vacation?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Portoroz. Last week I spent 3 days in Portoroz (Slovenia) for a work meeting. Good weather, beautiful place, good food, fruitful meeting. In Portoroz there are a running path that runs along the promenade and many swimming pools. It was very sad not to be able to run/swim.

Injury update. I am following a 10 days therapy and yesterday I got a shot of prednisolone near the damaged tendon. It's a long way.......

Friday, July 04, 2014

When the things go wrong

When the things go wrong. This blog was born as a running blog but, time after time, it has became generic because of all the injures occurred. Since september 2007 I had to fill a long list and now, unfortunately, I am at the "not return point". The 2 fractures on my back and the last one of the shoulder, that has also damaged the tendon, represent the final shot. I thought to have weak bones but the MRI and the x-rays demonstrate that I am "only" unlucky. Last, but not least, my age: in october 58. Now I cannot swim and run for long time because the shoulder hurts (perhaps it needs a surgery to repair the tendon) and I have to rest all summer to recover the complete use of the back. In my future slow running and slow swimming will only be a relaxing hobby when and if possible. At the moment I am under medical control following a 20 days inflammatory cure.
Random news. In this last month I went twice to Brussels (Belgium) for work. Below some photos:

Monday I had lunch in a typical restaurant on the hills around my city where we ate local mushrooms and pasta with black truffles:

My daughter in june collected other 430 euros to buy food for the local dog shelter.