Saturday, October 18, 2014


At last the things go a little bit better. I hope to come back to the pool the next week. In the meantime I keep on walking and running (now about 7 km at slow pace). Of course physiotherapy and postural exercises are always part of my routine for some months again.
On tuesday and wednesday I went to Barcellona for a meeting on the environment in the european ports. Here are some photos of the beautiful city:

Have a good Sunday

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marseille (France)

Injury update. Last week I began a course of postural exercises (back school) to help my back to recover and, in the meantime, I keep on curing the shoulder by the physiotherapy. The movement of the right arm is not yet complete.

Training. The routine is always the same: 5 days walking (about 5 km) and 2 days running (??). The runs are 6/7 km long and very very slow. I hope to come back to swim at the end of this month if the things go well.

Marseille (France). I spent 3 days for work in Marseille where I had the possibility to run twice along the flat and beautiful promenade (about 30 minutes). Here some photos:

And as Jill says: run strong my friends!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Apologizes and 2 trips

Apologizes. I apologize for my long absence from Blogland, but I was not in the right spirit to talk about my lost dream: running. 

Injury update. The road is very long, I need months before the full recover, if I work on the shoulder the back hurts and vice versa. In September, at last, I began a walking routine: one hour every day and, later, I tried to run: short and slow runs 5/6 km long. It is hard and painful. Swimming is not allowed until the day I will have rebuilt the muscles on my back. Now I am in the bed with a boring bronchitis.

The trips. However I had the time to enjoy two trips, the first with my wife in Italy and the second with my son to Belgium. Here are some photos.

Rimini (Italy): the B.K. in the pool of the hotel 

Urbino (Italy)

S.Marino Republic

Riccione (Italy): the Municipality organized a special event when they knew that the B.K. was coming

Faenza (Italy)

Brisighella (Italy)

The amazing Civita di Bagnoregio (Italy)

Brussels (Belgium) 

A special box in Brussels (Belgium)

Leuven (Belgium). What a pity for a mistake of mine we didn't succeed in meeting Amy and her family

Bruges (Belgium)

Have a good running, biking swimming week