Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Apologizes and 2 trips

Apologizes. I apologize for my long absence from Blogland, but I was not in the right spirit to talk about my lost dream: running. 

Injury update. The road is very long, I need months before the full recover, if I work on the shoulder the back hurts and vice versa. In September, at last, I began a walking routine: one hour every day and, later, I tried to run: short and slow runs 5/6 km long. It is hard and painful. Swimming is not allowed until the day I will have rebuilt the muscles on my back. Now I am in the bed with a boring bronchitis.

The trips. However I had the time to enjoy two trips, the first with my wife in Italy and the second with my son to Belgium. Here are some photos.

Rimini (Italy): the B.K. in the pool of the hotel 

Urbino (Italy)

S.Marino Republic

Riccione (Italy): the Municipality organized a special event when they knew that the B.K. was coming

Faenza (Italy)

Brisighella (Italy)

The amazing Civita di Bagnoregio (Italy)

Brussels (Belgium) 

A special box in Brussels (Belgium)

Leuven (Belgium). What a pity for a mistake of mine we didn't succeed in meeting Amy and her family

Bruges (Belgium)

Have a good running, biking swimming week


  1. What beautiful shots of Italy and Belgium :) At least you are enjoying some travel while you rehabilitate. This has been a long journey back, I hope you can get pain free soon.

  2. You get to go to some gorgeous places. I know you'd probably trade some of those beautiful pictures for fast healing, but I'm glad you've been able to enjoy some travel. I'm sorry this recovery process has been so long and complicated and frustrating. I truly hope for happy things for you!

  3. I am happy you enjoyed some travels while you are recuperating. Cannot wait to visit Italy next summer!

  4. I'm sorry we missed you , too, but I am glad you finally got to see my city, and on such a nice day, when everything looks especially nice! Great travel pictures!

  5. The Italy pictures are just stunning. I am sorry you are having such trouble with injuries. That stinks.

  6. Sorry the recovery is slow and It's understandable your absence from reading about other's running. The travel photos though are spectacular. It's great that you can do something to help eleviate the frustration of not running.

  7. sorry about your injury and the long recovery. You will be back!

    Great photos! You are lucky to be near such beautiful places.

  8. A bin just for horse poo? That's something that you'd never see here. Not enough horses to produce enough poo to fill a bin.

  9. Two great trips! Thanks for sharing.

    And I wish they used horse poo bins here. We have to clean up what our dogs do (which I do) but the horses drop it and they owners never clean in up.

  10. Lovely pictures! Such amazing travels!

  11. Beautiful photos, thanks! I can just imagine how hard it must be for you. I know I will have a very hard time to deal with injuries like that. All the best and be strong.

  12. Beautiful pics! I hope the swimming helps to exercise and strengthen without causing any other pains.

  13. And I must apologise for the poor rugby being played by the Wallabies :(
    Once again, beautiful tourist photos :)

  14. I hope you get back to your love, running, soon. Coming back from injury takes so very long, as you well know. Beautiful photos.