Saturday, January 31, 2015


January 2015. At last, after a lot of time, I have spent a "normal" month with no injures or big limitations. I succeed in alternating running and swimming with 1 or 2 days of rest per week. Of course the long distances and the speed works are only beautiful memories of the past. In the meantime I keep on doing postural exercises twice a week under the supervision of an expert rehabilitation physiotherapist: thanks to this activity my back feels better.
Stats: running 132 km (82 m - 12 workouts and 1 race), swimming 13900 meters (9 workouts).
Pictures: my grandsons and the sunset from the window of my office.

January 1997. After some days off for a flu I entered a short cross 5.5 km long. Finishing time 23:22, pace 4:15 km (6:50 m) despite I got lost and I ran some seconds through a wrong way. 6th of 50 overall.

Have you ever run on a wrong way during a race?

Monday, January 05, 2015

The first race of the year (Acilia cross)

Prologue: Yesterday I have run with Giorgio the first race of this year. It was organized for a social cause, to give food to the homeless. We payed a little fee but we had also to donate food to participate. No swag and no official prizes: only a lottery with 20 items. I won one of them, swimming glasses but….. for kids! The days was sunny and warm, perfect for a race.

The race: a cross through a park in Acilia, near Rome, 5.3 km long with 203 runners at the start. It was an unexpected high number and the organization didn’t succeed in filling the finishers list; never mind, as I wrote above it was for a social cause. Finishing time 27:51 (5:15 km – 8.27 m), yes slow again but in december I have only run 80 km (49.7 m) and the path was challenging (see the elevation chart). However at the moment I prefer to run short races not to get injured again. After we had a special lunch in a typical restaurant on the hill with wonderful local food.

Have you already run the first race of the year?

Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 in numbers and pictures

2014, one year to forget because of the many injures: one fall in january, the fracture of the collar bone and the lesion of the tendon in february, the fracture of the D7 vertebra in june. However I am recovering but by now running is only for fun, I will not be anymore competitive.

- Running: km. 570 (354 m); 64 workouts, 3 races;
- Swimming: km. 62,2; 43 workouts;
- Days off: 109 for injures; 4 for flu.

One year in pictures