Wednesday, March 04, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

I have been nominated for the One Lovely blog Award by Karien over at Running the Race. She is a runner and lives in South Africa (the rugby nation!!!!!!) with her husband (a cycle racer) and 2 wonderful babies (future runners). I am sure you will like her blog.
Thank you Karien for the nomination.
 Along the honor of accepting this blog award also comes the following responsibilities:
- Thank the person who nominated you for the award;
- Add the One Lovely Blog Award Logo to your post and/or blog;
- Share 7 facts about yourself;
- Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and duly inform them by commenting on their blogs.

    And now here are my 7 facts:
- I like to travel (as Karien does too) and the object of my next post will be the scottish vacation with my son of few days ago to watch the rugby match Scotland - Italy (19 - 22);

- I love the animals. My daughter and I are members of 5 associations for their protection;

- I left the Coast Guard 18 years ago after 20 years of service. I miss a lot that kind of life;
- As I am a former rugby player and now a supporter of my national team, I don't like soccer (football in Europe). But what a delusion, my grandson, a flanker on my dream, plays football;
- My favorite meal is pizza and coca cola. I don't like seafood and I prefer not to eat meat;
- I like the medieval history. I read many books about this topic and I often visit medieval places. My son has the same interest;
- I retire on Nov. 1st, 2017 when I will be 61 y.o.

I like all your blogs so, if you haven't been nominated, please go ahead and do it


  1. I share your love of travel, animals and pizza! Wish I could bring you some Chicago style deep dish. I'm afraid it would never make it through customs! Have a great time in Scotland!

  2. You don't like soccer? How can we be friends now that I know that?! Actually I don't really like Rugby so I guess that makes us even.

  3. Worthy nomination. Love the facts you shared! Wow an Italian that doesn't love soccer...incredible.

  4. Nice things to know about you. I don't like soccer either but I don't like rugby neither :)

  5. You have come back from such a hard time with injury, it's good you can enjoy your retirement now feeling better!
    Very interesting in the Coast Guard, I bet you have lots of stores it share. I have been a non-meat eater for most of my adult life, I have fudged a bit in recovering needing protein, but i prefer to be meatless as well.