Thursday, April 30, 2015

April (and the trip to Tallinn)

April 2015. This was a not so good month because a painful prostatitis that lasted 20 days but, despite the problem, I didn't give up and I kept on training. Of course the treatments with antibiotics made me become weaker, so I ran shorter distances at a slower pace (a little bit under the 6:00/km - 9:40/m).
Stats: Running 94.7 km (58.8 m) in 10 workouts - Swimming 11.200 meters in 7 workouts. 
Tallinn. I also spent 3 days in Tallinn (Estonia) to attend an ESPO meeting on the sustainable development in the maritime transports. Here are 3 photos of the city: 

And here are some memories of the "Medieval night" organized by the local Port Authority: what do you think about the "orbs" in the 2nd photo?

April 1987. 28 years ago! See how different my outfits, the cars and the building were. My shoes were the famous Nike Elite Classic. The stats of that race: 11 km in 50:47 (my slowest race of the year). I was 61° of 73.

Have a good running, swimming, biking May 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vivicittà 3 km

On a sunny spring sunday I have run a 3km no-competitive race. Why this decision and not the competitive 12 km? First of all because the second is a crazy path: 4 laps with a heartbreak uphill and a similar downhill; too easy to get injured. But the most important reason is a boring prostatitis for which I have been taking antibiotics (and not only) since last tuesday, so I am weaker and with a higher heart rate. The cure will last, if I am lucky, other 13 days.
However this morning I received a call from Sir Giorgio who offered his services as personal photographer. This is the only photo of my race (I am the last in black armor):

Was I too fast or he ........... What do you think? Your opinion is very important.
The finishing time was 14:30 (4:50/km - 7:47/m). I know the distance was short but at least I have run!