Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Idiot in the pool and a little bat

Running/swimming update. Summer is coming and now it’s hard, because the hot weather, to run after 08.00 a.m. and before 06.30 p.m. However I always choose paths with fountains to refresh myself during the second half of the workouts. In june I have started again to train regularly  even if the pain on the lower back is not completely disappeared. Slow runs of about 10 km in 1 hour and 1500 meters of swimming. Races: I am thinking at a duathlon on june 28th in Tuscany: 7 km trail and 1900 meters swimming in open sea.
Idiot in the pool. In this period the swimming pools are full of people (maybe because most of them think to be in time to look fit on the beach in the near future) and it is very easy to meet stupid and rude persons. For instance a woman keeps on complaining, screaming against everyone, because she pretends to stay alone in the lane. The reason? She is “too fast compared to the others”, yes it is right but only why she wears very very very long fins and large hand paddles. While swimming she doesn’t care, she knocks every person ahead. I only said: "next time I come back in this lane with a pair of fins, I overwhelm you and the slower leaves the lane". I received a standing ovation from the other swimmers. Believe me, I will do it!!!
The bat. On Sunday I found this little (for size, but adult) bat with a slim rope around his wing. After the first cures my wife fed him with milk and water and the day after we brought him to the bat shelter where we got bad news: his right wing is in necrosis. We hope he can survive to come back to freely flight in the night.

Monday, June 01, 2015


May 2015. This was another not so good month because I had to take 2 weeks off: the first after a little surgery to remove a mole and the second for a painful lumbar sprain. At last yesterday I have made the first workout after the forced rest, a slow relaxing 10 km in 61:00.
Stats: Running 92.9 km/57.7 m (9 workouts) - Swimming 5200 meters (3 workouts).
However, during the break, I made a short trip for pleasure visiting some places in Marche region (photos 1-2) and a wonderful town built on a rock named Vitorchiano (photos 3-4-5).

May 1989. 26 years ago I run a half marathon through the beautiful green Tuscany country around Grosseto. My finishing time was 1:33:51 (4:27/km - 7:10/m) and I was 92° of 148. In the photo I am the n° 153).

Have a good month of running, biking, swimming and hiking.