Thursday, July 02, 2015


June 2015. June started well with regular sessions of swimming and running but, in the second half, I had a 4 days stop for a little injury on my back due to a stupid effort to lift my scooter. For this reason I couldn’t participate the duathlon in Tuscany. Now the things go well but the weather is very hot and I am a little bit tired because too busy at work. I don’t want to shedule races, I will do them when possible.
Stats: Running 126,9 km/78,8 m (12 workouts) – Swimming 9300 meters (6 workouts) + a swim in open sea.
During the stop I spent one day in Rome with my wife. Here you can see a wonderful pizza and pepsi that I had for lunch and a very welcome guest who appreciated a lot a cookie with ice cream.

June 2005. The glorious, invincible, fearless Black Knight Army was founded 10 years ago. This is the photo of the first official dinner (see the “uniforms” on the table).

Have a good July


  1. It warms my heart to see you training because I remember a time some years ago when you were injured and thought that your athletic life was over. You are the Black Knight and nothing stops you!

  2. That pizza looks delicious!

    Happy 10th anniversary to the Black Knight Army!

  3. Hope the back is careful...enough injury! Congrats on your 10 years.

  4. Grazie x la visita al mio sito! Dopo una lunga assenza, finalmente ho qualcosa da dire. Sembra che avete passato un bel Giugno. Spero che la schiena si rimette presto.

  5. Grandiosa quella pizza!
    Hai rispolverato una foto dei fondatori del gruppo che ha terrorizzato le contrade del circondario per qualche lustro. Altri tempi: all'epoca c'era un rigida divisione di ruoli al di sotto del rango di cavaliere ... scudieri, servi, stallieri, ecc. :)

  6. Happy Anniversary BKA!