Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A short vacation in Valle d'Aosta

I just got home after a short vacation (one week) with my wife in Valle d'Aosta (northern Italy). We also did 2 stops at half way in Chiavari (Liguria) before and, on the way back, in Montecatini (Tuscany).
The places are wonderful and we could see, from short distance, the highest mountains of Italy: Monte Bianco and Cervino. I also had the possibility to run twice through the city of Aosta but, both the times, I never met other runners. The workouts were easier because of the perfect temperature and the altitude. Unfortunately I didn't find "normal" swimming pools.

Here are some images of the trip:

1) While feeding a blackbird and a sparrow outside the hotel:

2) The castle and the promenade of Chiavari:

3) A rainbow over Aosta after a rainy storm:

4) The mountains over Courmayeur:

5) The medieval Fenis castle:

6) The Blue Lake near Cervinia:

7) The ancient town of Montecatini:

8) Monte Bianco, the highest mountain of Italy:

9) The Prè St. Didier river:

10) The Cervino mountain over the town of Cervinia:

11) And this is a shame, a slaughter of rock goats in the Sarre Castle (former property of the italian kings until 1946).

Where will you spend your summer vacation?


  1. Wow, you live in such a beautiful country! Stunning pictures!

  2. With all those mountains in your vicinity, I think you should take up trail running! :)

    Gorgeous pictures. Mountain there and mountains here in Colorado...but they look very different. Glad you had a great vacation. :)

  3. Looks like a beautiful area and wonderful vacation! You know where my summer vacation was spent! : D

  4. What a fantastic, beautiful vacation! Are these spots you had visited before?

    LOL, would a "normal" swimming pool be one with lanes? Did you only find recreational ones?

  5. Such a beautiful place to have a holiday. And it looks like you had great weather.

  6. Looks like a beautiful part of Italy to go for a vacation!

  7. Wow! Just beautiful, especially the blue lake.

  8. Spectacular scenery! Just like in the Giro. I'll be back in the U.S. for our summer, but coming into winter there.

  9. Dalle tue foto si vede che sei stato in un posto fantastico. Quel castello deve essere affascinate.

    Ladispoli (Todaro) o Viterbo (Pilastrissima): questo è il dilemma.

  10. Beautiful photos as usual!! Looks like a nice vacation.

  11. THOSE mountains, so beautiful :) The castles are just such beautiful architecture, I would love to see Italy one day.
    A run in cooler temps sounds heavenly right now :)
    Always the heart for the animals :)

  12. Those are some very steep and rocky mountains! I am impressed with nature in Italy. Just amazing.
    My vacation was spent mostly at home caring for the boys. :) It's good to be able to explore like you do!