Monday, August 31, 2015


August 2015 - This month both the swimming pools have "vacation times" and open in late morning for few hours. For this reason the only possibility is the open sea .... but my wife loves the sand beach and with such depth it is difficult to follow a direction while swimming. I prefer the rocks because the water is cleaner and I can see where I am going. Never mind, less swim more runs.
Stats: Run 150 km (15 workouts) at the pace of 6:00/km (9:40 m). Swim who knows? I think 7/8000 meters in open sea.
Programs: a monthly race but only for fun, to spend a different day in some beautiful town and eat special local food. I could say "running tourism".
Here are 2 photos by night that I have taken this month:

August 1987 - On august 30, 1987 I ran the Vivicittà World, the event that opened that IAAF Championship in Rome. You can imagine the heat: the start was at 10.00 a.m., crowded and all the route under the sun. Because of a mistake of the organization, the 12 km became 13,7 (wrong indications) and they didn't succeed in filling the ranking. I remember how tough it was, the divings into the historical fountains of Rome to refresh the body and the high number of dnf. A nightmare not to forget. My finishing time was 1:02:08 (4:32/km - 7:18/m).
   Have you ever lived a nightmare like that?


  1. The lights on the carousel and boat looks lovely! Good month for you.
    You recorded a great finish time. Sun is too much that time of day. Strong sun is not good for running. I would have had heat stroke or melted, and you had a good finish time.

  2. Your month sounds good despite the horrific hot race. That was the 2007 Chicago marathon for me. One to remember. Not on a good way. The harbor is lovely as always. I need to come back!

  3. I hope it starts to cool down there soon. My son and his girlfriend are on their way over and they'll be in Italy in November. I have no idea where they're going or what they're doing yet but I'm hoping that the weather will be nice for them.

  4. I love running tourism! My favourite kind! :)

  5. Grandiose foto notturne!

    L'iscrizione per Ostia posso farla? Ti chiedo questo perchè le temperature sono ancora abbastanza elevate e domenica si dovrà correre dalle 09:30 alle 10:30.

  6. Fair and Freckled: yes I had a good finishing time but .... 28 years ago!

    Teamarcia: You are always welcome here.

    Char: If they come around Rome please tell them to ... ring the bell.

    Karien: I agree!

    Giorgio: Forse potremmo partecipare perché sembrerebbe che il percorso si snodi all'interno della pineta. Sentiamoci.

  7. Running tourism is a great way to run!

    I appreciate you putting your stats in english measures, too! LOL!a

  8. I hope it cools down soon for you!

  9. 150k for the month at 6 minute ks is good Stefano. I'm don't swim in the open sea down here due to my fear of sharks. We have sea pools though, which are good.
    There was a very hot 'fun run' here last year - 30C+ in open sun, but luckily I ran the 5k, not the half marathon!

  10. Great month, nice to see the running going well!!

  11. Kilax: so you can better understand how slow I am.

    Amy: me too. I will skip a 10 km on sunday because of the heat.

    Ewen: you were very wise to choose the shorter distance.

    Robin: thank you my friend.

  12. A good month it seems! I hope my September will be good as well. I've had quite a number of nightmare races.

  13. That sounds like tons of fun! Enjoy!