Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another runner was born

Another runner was born: this month a new runner was born. I introduce you Gabriele, my 3rd grandson. Of course he will be a runner even if in my secret dreams there is always a rugby field for him and the other 2 kids.

Rugby: but this month is also sad because 2 mates of my old rugby team (see the 1974 photo below, where the B.K. is under the arrow) passed away on the same day. Many players of this team now play in heaven. Ciao Nicola, ciao Augusto!

This is a 2011 rugby reunion photo (from a local magazine) after 60 years of rugby in my city:

Running: I don't follow any fitness program because I am weak again and the arm is painful. It's hard to live with a prosthesis inside a shoulder. Sometimes I walk 1 hour and sometimes I run (2/3 times a week) 5/6 km very very slowly. I cannot do more. The incident was very serious and after 7 months the recover is far again.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Real End

The Black Knight is back but only as a blogger and no more as a runner and swimmer. Sorry for the long silence but many things happened keeping me very busy or sad …….

Prologue September- December 2015: I had some little health problems and I was very busy at work, so I didn’t update my blog. This situation influenced my runs, however I entered 6 races only for fun: the choice felt on touristic places with wonderful landscapes to enjoy the atmosphere and to spend a different day with my son and some good friends. Here are the pics of the races where the pace was always a little slower than 5:00/km (between 5:03 and 5:11).

Rural town of Maccarese (Sept. 27):

Rome (Oct 18):

Rome (Nov 1):

Natural reserve La Feniglia (Nov 22):

Canino the olive oil town (Dec 6):

Around the Orbetello lagoon (Dec 13):

The real end: On January 22nd, during a workout, I felt on the ground because I put inadvertently my foot into a packing tape. The result was terrible, I broke the roundabout capsule of my right humerus in 5 parts and the humerus itself in other 2 parts. On January 25th I got a surgery and now I have a prosthesis inside my shoulder/arm (see the pics). I will not recover completely the use of      the shoulder and I must follow a physiotherapy program for not less than one year. The movements are very limited again and I feel pain inside my arm. Of course I cannot swim at all and the only chances are the walks.

I hope that all of you are enjoying this summer break.