Sunday, June 04, 2017

After the long silence

NEWS: One year and half after the bad incident when I broke my right shoulder (see the x –ray) the situation is not good; I will always be partially disable because I cannot recover anymore the whole movement of my arm.
As you can see in the running photos below, the right arm has an innatural posture.
Swimming is almost impossible because is painful and I cannot do the normal rotating movement so, now, I can only run slowly. The routine is 3 times a week with a monthly mileage between 100 and 150 km (62 and 93 ml). However I made the decision to race when possible to enjoy my favourite sport and visit nice places around my city where I have good lunches in typical local restaurants: the running mate is always Giorgio.

RUNNING UPDATE: After my last post I entered 3 races. Now the pace is slow but I am happy because I can run again.

Tuscania 02.04.2017 "Tuscania trophy". Tuscania is a nice etruscan city inside the green country. The path was flat but we ran under a rainy storm. 9.8 km in 54:46 (5:35/km - 8:59/ml). 138° of 168.

Rome 21.05.2017 "Race for the Cure". Rome is a "nice little town" near my city (????). The path was challenging and the race was very crowded. I had the chance to start together the top runners because I arrived late and I crossed, jumping over, the barriers. After the race we had lunch at the jewish district. 5 km in 26:43 (5:20/km - 8:35/ml). 757° of 1293.

Civitavecchia 02.06.2017 "Liberty Sunset Race". Very very challenging path under a hot sun at 05.00 p.m. 9.3 km in 50:43 (5:27/km - 8:46 ml). 133° of 158 and 3° in my age group (but we were only 3.....)

Have a good sunday


  1. I'm so happy that you're running! Even if it is at a slower pace than you're used to. At least you get to go out and do what you love, right? The pictures are lovely!

  2. Sorry your shoulder is keeping you out of the pool but I'm glad you are running and racing. Who cares about pace? Finishing is winning!

  3. Sorry about the arm and no swimming, but you are running some races. Not too bad pace at all! I think anything in the 5s per km is more than respectable for older runners. A friend of mine has an elbow broken in a motorcycle accident 40 years ago - he runs with a stiff arm, but very well.

  4. Oh man, I seriously need to check blogland more frequently so I stop missing random posts from special people :). I'm so happy to hear that you're able to run some. Yeah,'s not a big deal as it once was and as we age, we understand that more. Racing keeps us around like-minded souls too and that's important for the brain :).

    I've been dealing with a broken planter plate in my foot (ball). It's debilitating and it's depressing....I'm at the point where hey, I can run 5 miles, so it's all good. I think my marathon days are done :(. But 5 miles!! :)

    Have a wonderful summer, my friend!!

  5. Glad to hear you're running again but a shame about not being able to swim, which I know you really enjoyed.