Sunday, June 11, 2017

May 2017

May 2017: Running now is only for fun and to stay fit even if I like, sometimes, to enter some race to enjoy the competitive atmosphere. No more swimming because the pain inside my arm is chronic. But never mind, the show must go on. The mileage in may was the longest since the day of my surgery (janury 22, 2016): km. 144,9 (90 ml) in 14 workouts and 1 race (Race for the Cure in Rome).

May 2005: I found this picture in a magazine. What a nice surprise! While I was talking with a good friend of mine after the Race for the Cure, a photographer said “hi” to me. The day after we were  on a magazine! 

News in pictures:

On June 3rd, there was the final of the football Champions League. Real Madrid – Juventus = 4 -1. Even if I don’t like and I don’t follow football (soccer) I admit I was very happy: in Italy half people are Juventus supporters and the other half cannot stand that team (I am in the second half). Well, after the end of the game, 3 young Juventus supporters, angry for the score, took the flowerpot from my balcony and threw it into the ground.

Apricots and sunflower from my garden.

June 10th, Italian Navy Day.

Have a good Sunday


  1. Great mileage, Stefano! And love the pics from your garden!

  2. That's a good month of running. Well done on making the magazine - very cool.